What’s Been Working?

In coaching for 10+ years, I see trends come and go, yet some trends become “anchors” in my own approach to coaching people like you because they work so well.

So without further ado, here’s what’s been working! 🙂

#1 Intermittent Fasting Works, But…

I have two online clients that are experimenting with fasting right now and seeing fantastic results, with another one starting it next week. However…

The problem with fasting: It’s NOT for everyone and most start too aggressively.

The solution: Start conservative and talk with an experienced coach on whether you should try the 16/8 daily fast, the one to two 24-hour fasts/week approach, or a customized program (all my fasting clients are doing a modified fasting program).

#2 Customized Exercise is Where It’s At

A new program is busting out every day. 98% of them are coming from what I call, “keyboard warriors” (those that have never worked with anyone their entire life but like to type random stuff with outrageous claims).

Sometimes, you’re dealing with joint issues. Sometimes, you’re forcing yourself to do movements you’re not meant to do, but wanted to try because it’s popular on Facebook. Take the almighty squat for example…

The squat is awesome. Yet, not everyone can do them or should do them due to knee issues or lack of mobility. Want to perfect your bodyweight squat? Squat into a chair and stand back up without using your hands 😉

I have one client that “thought” she shouldn’t do step-ups, but when she did them correctly, she now loves them. It’s a great exercise to replace the squat with, along with a variety of hip extensions.

Here’s how to do the step-up using just your bodyweight:

#3 Meal Plans Don’t Work!

I used to hand out meal plans early on in my coaching days. You know what happened? More frustration. So not only is it important to remember to exercise, now you have to remember what and when to eat? No wonder my clients were stressed!

Take what you ALREADY eat and enjoy, and see how to actually INCORPORATE it into your diet. Other “diets” encourage you to either:

A) Completely give them up or…

B) Eat a ridiculous amount of them on your “cheat day”, causing you to wreak your progress from the week in less than 30 minutes.

This is what I do with my clients and it works. Some like Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Some like to crush pizza. I prefer to dominate some pancakes with a socially unacceptable amounts of syrup, yet they lose weight (and remember, I dropped 115lbs and have kept it off for years)

#4 Planning is “Holy Grail” of Losing Weight

No one talks about this, which is a shame. It’s because it doesn’t “sell”. Miracle plans sell and that’s what’s dominating the market. People are being promised a stallion, but being delivered a donkey.

Every week, my clients and I plan (with specifics) what they will accomplish to keep melting belly fat. We map it out like a treasure map because in the end, the treasure is a better, more vibrant life, while weighing less.

We discuss obstacles and from that, I create the ultimate customized formula.

Plan. Watch the magic happen. It truly is a “magic bullet”.

I always give my clients their first 4 weeks of specific actions based on their customized formula. Not only that, but they learn how to do continue on their own. We make tweaks along the way, and by the time 12 weeks rolls around, they are much leaner, have control of their eating habits, and incorporated an exercise plan that is doable and will continue to melt fat.

Now I realize this isn’t “sexy” and it’s not the “magic bullet” you hoped it would be.

The good news though… it works 100% of the time.

I have one client that melted 15 pounds in 6 weeks. Before implementing these simple strategies, she was bouncing around from one diet to another, not losing a single pound.

I have a couple of clients “graduating” my coaching program, so if you are interested in losing weight the right way and PERMANENT way, you can apply below.

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Have a great weekend,
Mikey “Pancakes” Whitfield