Best No-Impact Fat-Burning Exercise

“What’s the ONE THING holding you back from losing the weight you want?”

This was a question I sent out to thousands of people like you and the “buzz word” that kept coming up was “time”, as in no time to exercise.

And that’s a shame because you know what happens when you eat healthier, yet you don’t exercise?

Sure, you’ll lose weight. But you’ll also lose muscle, tanking your metabolism. You’ll lose water. You’ll also have excess skin.

In fact, 70% of people who undergo weight loss surgery suffer from excess sagging skin, reports a study in “Obesity Surgery”.

“What I’ve found, it’s very interesting — they go and get these surgeries, and then they come in and they’re still not happy,” says Dr. Steve Wallach, a cosmetic surgeon in Manhattan.

“I had one patient who specifically said, “‘I’m wearing a fat suit; I feel like I’m a thin person inside wearing a body that’s twice the size of mine. Clothes don’t fit because of excess tissue. So they still feel not-whole, and not-happy,” says Wallach.

So is there a way to tighten excess skin without being a slave to the treadmill or gym?


… it’s called, “Adrenaline”.

Now unlike all the other hormones, you don’t have to eat certain foods to flood your body with this fat-burning hormone. There are no “secret” foods or ingredients. In fact, you don’t have to change your diet to take advantage of this one.

Say what? I know! Look…

Adrenaline is the same hormone your body is flooded with when you ride a roller coaster (a real one, not an emotional roller coaster).

You can “trick” your body into flooding your body with adrenaline with what’s called, “metabolic cardio”. It’s different than traditional exercise, but simple…

You COMBINE resistance training using your own body or even basic equipment like dumbbells PLUS cardio at the same time. The trick is the combination of tempo and resistance.

For example, the Kettlebell or Dummbell Swing. This exercise is a “cardio” move, but explosive, hitting a lot of muscles. It’s no-impact and causes a big afterburn. It’s like a strength and cardio move at the same time.

Combine this with a move such as X-Body Mountain Climbers to hit your shoulders and abs at a specific tempo and you flood your body with adrenaline.

Pretty cool stuff.

And it’s the solution to your “time” issue. In fact, studies show that flooding your body with adrenaline can spike your metabolism for 36 hours. You can do this in about 10 minutes or less…

No Kettlebell or Dumbbell? Do Total Body Extensions.

Here is a video tutorial on the Total Body Extension (my #1 no-impact cardio exercise!):

Ready to take advantage of adrenaline, no matter your age or fitness level… and even if you don’t have ANY equipment at home?

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Adrenaline to the rescue,
Mikey Whitfield, Master CTT