Is Dieting Necessary to Lose Weight?

Is Dieting REALLY Necessary
To Lose Weight?

Have you tried to diet to lose weight only to fail?

Or ever felt confused about which diet is the right one for you?

Or maybe you even wanted to throw in the towel and quit dieting altogether?

I know how you feel.

My name is Mike Whitfield, and I failed more times than I can count on both hands, including using Low Carb, Cleanses, and those Microwave Meals.

The good news is ultimately, I lost 115 pounds and have been able to keep it off.

I went on to become a nationally recognized personal trainer, featured in Men’s Health, and even was named Personal Trainer of the Year in 2013.

I’ve helped tens of thousands of men and women over 35 lose weight and feel good about themselves again.And without a doubt, the #1 problem I see about dieting for weight loss, is that there is –

Too Much Conflicting Information.

And it’s competing for your attention on a daily basis – on TV, Facebook, Instagram, whatever social network you’re using, major news sites, etc… And it’s left you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and confused about what you should do right now to jump start your weight loss and start feeling happy and in control again.

Sound about right?

Think about it…

Why is “Paleo” suddenly no good and now “Keto” is all the rage?

Why didn’t the “Mediterranean Diet” work?

Oh, and what’s the difference between Atkins, Low Carb, Paleo, and Keto?

Not to mention the MIND Diet, the TLC Diet, and Volumetrics… each of which, rank in this year’s Top 10 Diets according to ABC News.

 What If You Could Forget About All That?


Wouldn’t it be great if you could just eat sensibly and even maybe “indulge” yourself every once in awhile and still get back in shape?


The answer may surprise, even shock you.

It’s called –

Specialized Exercise

Not all exercise is created equal.

And no, this isn’t the difference between “cardio” and “strength training.”

The truth is, both have their benefits, and both can be made to work for you.

The key is using a very specialized exercise approach that elicits a specific response in your body which signals your body to start burning fat – quickly.

So much so, that in one study, which I’ll show you shortly, researchers found that participants only exercised 60 minutes per week were still able to lose weight – specifically fat in their stomachs, hips, and thighs

Without changing their diets.

First, you need to know that –

TWO 20-Year Studies Confirm Exercise Gets A Bad Rap

Did you know that not one but two 20-year studies confirm that if you take the exercise out of your plan for losing weight, you’ll gain it?

The first, led by Dr. Arlene Hankinson at Northwestern University[2], discovered –

“Overall, men who were the most active gained 2.6 kg fewer per year than those who were least active, while the women with the highest level of physical activity enjoyed even greater benefit — they gained 6.1 kg less per year than women in the lowest activity group.”

Second, the National Weight Control Registry has collected research[3] and over the last 20+ years and found that there are 6 self-reported criteria that people use in order to not only lose fat, but keep it off.

Can you guess what Number One was?

“Engaging in high levels of physical activity.”

In other words – Exercise.

However, it’s important to note that none of the participants in either of these studies reported using the “Specialized Exercise” approach you’re about to learn.

Hopping Over The Barriers

In yet another study published in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics[4], called “Facilitators and barriers to weight loss and weight loss maintenance: a qualitative exploration,” participants reported that one of the key behaviors making weight loss and weight maintenance easier was –

“… exercise…”

The take aways from the research is clear.

Exercise helps you lose fat, and keep the fat off.

However, like I said before, not all exercise is created equal.

In fact…

The Wrong Kind of Exercise Can Make You Fat

I’m not going to go into lengthy details here, but what you don’t know about exercise can hurt you.

For example,

And that’s why, after years of trial and error, I personally use and have all my clients and customers use the Specialized Exercise.

It ensures just the right amount of work and it’s been scientifically proven to burn fat in all those trouble spots – stomach, hips, and legs…

Without stressing out about what you’re eating all the time or without dieting at all. (In fact, one participant even admitted to eating horribly while participating in the study and she still lost weight.)

If you’d like to learn more about this Specialized Exercise and how it burns off your body fat without you having to diet, go here.

Your friend,




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