motorcycle battery voltage when running

Next, start the bike and run the engine at about 2000 rpm and measure the battery voltage again. If so could be a bad voltage regulator--if so may be overcharging battery Check voltage readings at battery should be around 14.2 with car running -- if much higher than this voltage regulator is bad. ... Actually, if a battery’s resting voltage is only 12.0 to 12.1 it means only 20 to 25% of its useful energy remains. This might remedy the problem; otherwise, you may need to replace. Slow to turn over the bike? Batteries have a finite life, so try to keep track of when your last battery was installed (check for date stamp on battery). The battery is fully charged, but when I go to crank it, it cranks extremely slowly, then the steady clicking sound of a dead battery. If your tires start to wear and/or cup, the safety of your motorcycle is compromised. A constant reading of 13.5 to 14.5 volts should be present. A motorcycle electrical system is created to keep a good battery topped off but is not designed to charge a dead battery. Perform a current draw test Help diagnosing start up/battery drain problem. Lastly, the carburetor could potentially have a timing issue which means the air/fuel screw needs to be adjusted. A low or failing battery can cause crazy readings during your testing. The battery really has no essential function while the bike is on. Place the voltmeter leads to the battery terminals. 6. When the lights are on the battery seems to lose charge even when the engine is running. link to Does The Battery Affect Motorcycle Performance. The word revving is short for revolutions per minute that’s happening inside the engine. If you take a digital reader and connect it to the battery while its running it’ll say something along the lines of 13, 14, or 15 volts. The relationship between your motorcycle battery and engine functions much in the same way as a car battery. So,... My name is Kyle Cannon and I love everything about motorcycles. Here's how to check your motorcycle battery with a multimeter. But it is such a small amount of charge that it will not be able to top off a battery, especially a battery that is about dead. They are only called this to distinguish between other types of batteries. At idle, your bike will not produce enough voltage to recharge a battery, so even running the bike for a long time will not charge it reliably. HappyWrench.com over the course of the past 2.5 years has grown to 4.5k+ visitors a month and is a top ranked Google site for DIY motorcycle repair (click here to see more). The World's Happiest DIY Motorcycle Repair Blog, Motorcycle Wiring – 10 Pieces of Advice for Your Next Project, The Perfect Hurricane Motorcycle Part 6: Portable Solar Panels, Motorcycle Wiring Simplified – The Basic Diagram, How To Identify The Mikuni Carburetor In Your Motorcycle, Metzeler ME 888 Vs. Michelin Commander II: Which Tire Is …, A Quick Guide To Motorcycle Chicken Strips. So, does a motorcycle battery charge while idling? It’s either a goner or it has been deep cycled, and a battery can only be deep-cycled a limited number of times before it is indeed dead. Say you are stuck in stop-and-go traffic, you’ll still be using the throttle several times to move the bike forward those few feet. I’m currently working as a mechanical engineer and I’ve been able to restore over a dozen rides. 5) Use a multi-meter and test your battery’s voltage range. Anon A. Once the motorcycle is started, the stator (or alternator) takes over and powers the electrical components on the motorcycle. Does The Battery Affect Motorcycle Performance? If your battery is getting old and starting to have issues, you'll probably wonder if it has any affect on your motorcycle's performance. You may ask yourself that if a regular run and normal RPM’s is what charges the battery, what will constant idling do and will it help the battery at all? If this system was in a restored 1966 GT coupe, I would probably change the regulator to reduce maximum alternator voltage. Myths About Engine Coolant and When to Replace It. 4) If you go to start your engine and it “struggles” more than usual, it is possible your battery is not holding a sufficient charge (hovering too low in the acceptable range). Most motorcycles have something called a stator. It is a one-stop shop for all your DIY motorcycle repair information needs. Moderation is key, so occasional revs to give that battery a boost should suffice. Tires are one of the most important things on any vehicle in regard to performance and safety. What Every Rider Should Know. We think of motorcycle batteries as being 12V, but they actually hold more and more is required to start the bike. It only takes a tiny bit of maintenance once a month or so to keep it running well. the battery is already dead and/or you are stuck on the side of the road). If you’re like me, you’ve found yourself in occasional stop and go traffic while riding your motorcycle; this means your motorcycle will be idling a lot. However, there are some signs a battery is dying and needs some attention. This is designed to have an output of about 15 volts. Knowing how a battery works on a motorcycle can make life a whole lot easier for any motorcyclist. 8. Batteries need to be used to stay healthy. The main function of a motorcycle battery is to get the motorcycle started. A sad fact in a motorcycle’s life is that motorcycle battery issues are generally only addressed when it is too late (i.e. Q. I have all sorts of electrical problems with my bike. So if you didn’t have much of a problem getting your motorcycle started, you’ll know the battery is okay. The full range of the battery is from just over 14 volts (when being charged by the bike running at high RPMs) down to 10.5 volts (under heavy load, for example, when the lights are on and the bike is being started). Technically, the battery is getting a charge while the motorcycle is idling. What is the voltage of a “dead” 12-volt battery is different from what is the maximum charging voltage of a 12-volt battery—11.9 and 13.2 are numbers you want to watch out for in the future. Most motorcycles require a 12 volt battery. The battery is a 12.6 volt battery. You can do this by revving your motorcycle a little while you’re at an idle. Lately I have been having cranking issues. Motorcycle Battery maintenance tips. Battery: This is a huge part of your charging system. As long as you get those several minutes in of a good run on the motorcycle, you shouldn’t have to worry about how much idling you’re doing. The starter should be running at normal speed. 2) You have been regularly letting your bike sit for long periods without running it (a motorcycle battery will lose about 1% of its charge per day when not run). This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies, link to Why Do Motorcycle Tires Cup? Check out the HappyWrench Motorcycle Repair Link Database. In moderation, revving a motorcycle engine isn’t bad. Click here to learn more about what happens when you rev a motorcycle engine. If your bike produces less than that because of a tired charging system, the lithium battery will not charge, and it … The battery becomes fully charged when the motorcycle is full-on running. The full range of the battery is from just over 14 volts (when being charged by the bike running at high RPMs) down to 10.5 volts (under heavy load, for example, when the lights are on and the bike is being started). As RPMs increase, the battery voltage should increase closer to 14 volts temporarily as the battery is being charged. Is your battery giving you issues? First, measure the battery voltage with the ignition switch off (i.e. In order to start a motorcycle, you need at least 12.2 volts, or a … As the rev's increase (e.g. If you are experiencing poor idle while out on your motorcycle, the most likely place the issue lies is within the carburetor. 1) It is more than “4-ish” years old. The stator is always outputting the 13-15 amps, but the more revolutions inside the engine provides more voltage. When your car is running the cars alternator is charging the battery, this is why you should see a higher voltage. The good news is that all you really need is a few minutes of a good run on the motorcycle for the battery to get the full amperage it needs to recharge for the next start up. What Voltage Should A Motorcycle Battery Read When Running Uncategorized February 7, 2019 0 masuzi How to test a motorcycle battery revzilla should i replace my motorcycle battery how to test a motorcycle battery revzilla motorcycle battery voltages and what If you have any comments, questions or have other ideas, please reach out via the Contact Page. The alternator is fitted with a regulator that charges the battery while you ride. 12.6 volts is considered a 100% charged battery, 12.4 volts is considered 75% charged, and 12.2 volts is considered 50% charged. Christopher was born in a small-town NY and, over the years, owned a couple dozen different motorcycles, ranging from cruiser to enduro, Japanese to American. Posted in automobile Tagged 12 volts , voltage If you intend on doing this for longer periods of time or doing it several times in one day, be sure to give the motorcycle a good few revs while it’s stationary so you can ensure that battery gets the charge it needs. amzn_assoc_placement="adunit0";amzn_assoc_search_bar="true";amzn_assoc_tracking_id="happywrench-20";amzn_assoc_search_bar_position="bottom";amzn_assoc_ad_mode="search";amzn_assoc_ad_type="smart";amzn_assoc_marketplace="amazon";amzn_assoc_region="US";amzn_assoc_title="Shop Related Products";amzn_assoc_default_search_phrase="motorcycle battery";amzn_assoc_default_category="All";amzn_assoc_linkid="eb9b23c213b2a78013f0801eb326cc09";amzn_assoc_rows="1"; If you are guilty of not riding, take your motorcycle out for a long ride, including a nice stretch at highway speed. Then, measure the voltage from tab to tab, just like before. Continue riding your motorcycle for 15 to 30 minutes to recharge the battery. There are a few things you can do if you wish to provide a little bit more amperage to your battery if you find yourself doing a lot of city driving and have to idle your bike frequently. By your bike just sitting there idling, you’re probably putting in less than one amp. Use a battery tender – Ideally, you want to keep your motorcycle battery at 100% all the time. That said, we are not going to stop there. 0. If the voltage drops below 9.5 volts while starting the engine, it means that one of the battery cells is … Mileage Talks: How Many Miles Can Your Motorcycle Last? If a battery reads 12 volts at rest, it is almost fully depleted. If you’re searching the query about whether or not a motorcycle charges the battery during an idle, you may have run into issues during idling. During an idle, the stator is outputting a small amount of excess amperage that will provide that little charge to the battery, but not enough to do a full complete charge. Start the engine and check the voltage while doing so. The voltage, when the engine is running, should be in the range of 13.5-14.7 volts. Understanding this concept may seem a bit complicated, but if you keep reading I can explain exactly what happens with the battery during an idle and what you can do to optimize the power your motorcycle provides. Not starting? Replace the voltage regulator if the reading is higher or lower than the 13.5 to 14.5 volt range to prevent insufficient or excessive charging. Video-Is your Harley-Davidson or other brand motorcycle seem to be cranking over slowly when starting? When turning the key to start, all lights turn off and engine won't start. For example, a fully charged battery at rest should be between 12.6 and 12.75 volts. However, it’s important to note that normal riding may not be enough to fully charge the battery … The job of the Stator is to convert mechanical energy from the engine back into electricity. This is done by either keeping it in a neutral gear and twisting the throttle to 3,000-4,000 RPM or adjusting the air/fuel screw on the carburetor so it has a higher idle. However, revving a motorcycle engine too much (meaning for a long period of time, longer than five seconds per rev) then you can start wearing out the engine. While the starter is spinning, observe the voltage. Revving the engine will provide additional amperage to the battery than just a simple idle, but not as much as it would during a normal ride. During a normal ride, a motorcycle provides about 13, 14, or 15 amps while idling only provides less than 1 amp. One common misconception people believe is that a 12-volt battery is actually a 12-volt battery. 2. This sort of “test” really requires “knowing” your bike. After a day on the charger the battery measured 14.88 volts with charger attached. When a motorcycle has an issue running, a safe assumption would be issues with the battery. When a battery charger has been disconnected from the battery for one to two hours, a fully charged Conventional battery should read 12.6 volts (12.8 volts with Sulphate Stop) or higher. The output from the stator on most modern bikes is three phase (hence the 3 wires) alternating current at a peak voltage well over the 12-14V DC voltage that your electrical system requres. The actual number of the voltage is not terribly important. Through the system of the stator, the battery is recharged so it can start the battery again in the future.

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