clicking noise on passenger side

When a water pump fails, the noise is usually caused by damage to the bearings. Started making a metallic sqealing sound in the driver's side rear yesterday afternoon. 3 separate places have checked out the vehicle but no one seems to be able to find the issue but the guys at Karnage did hear the sound (he is going to ask around to see if he can find something). Question: My car is a 2003 equinox. You should also take your truck to a parking lot where you can turn left and right all the way to the steering stops, while going slow, like from a stop to 5 mph while turning. Sounds like it's coming from under the front of my car. takes about 4 to 6 hours depending on your skill level. It only happens when I seem to hit a rough spot on the road, and goes away when I slow down. Car noises are not just annoying: sometimes they are a warning sign, like the calm before a storm. Some folks like to use a spray called “belt dressing” to stop the engine belt squeal or squeak. It did this sporadically about 6 months ago and then it stopped. Question: I am hearing a faint whining noise when my car is stopped. Thank you, I really appreciate it. Posted by Anonymous on Sep 25, 2013. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. Question: My car starts rattling when accelerating uphill, but taking off from idle blows a grey smoke. He SAYS he didn’t see anything fall off. Is it visible? strange clicking noise coming from what appears to be the front passenger side wheel area Try leaving the passenger fuse box lowered down, see if it is louder. Just befor the sevice coming around the corner into my yard I heard a clunk and white smoke came out of my exsaust. The car does mot lose power while making the noise but the engibe turns off intermittently. I don't hear any sounds until I take it close to 50 mph and let off the gas pedal, in which case I will hear a knocking sound. Thanks!!! Eddie Carrara (author) from New Hampshire on March 02, 2020: I think I have most of the Granite buried in my yard, I can't dig a hole without hitting a rock lol. Engine to small should i.got.onr with toque. Answer: It sounds like your engine is lacking power. The power steering fluid is at it's proper level and clean. I thought maybe when they replaced the cabin filters or something (when this first started a long time ago) they loosened the dash, but then it went away and now it is back. Probable Cause: Failed outer CV joint. Also when I drive my car weeks ago it stopped running while driving. If it is nearly time for a routine timing belt replacement (every 60,000 to 105,000 miles or so depending on the car), you might want to have that done at the same time as the water pump, because timing belt service is one of the rare occasions when a water pump is easy to get to. Answer: There are a lot of reasons for a moaning sound in your Odyssey, but it may not be coming from the front end. 2008 Jeep Liberty making clicking noise both sides while applying gas then stops when using brakes. The only way to fix this condition is to replace either the whole axle assembly or the outer CV joint. Clicking noise from behind dash on passenger side. Eddie Carrara (author) from New Hampshire on November 17, 2019: Make sure the air cleaner housing cover and tube are correctly installed and I also recommend you remove the mass-airflow sensor again and blow it out with light air pressure like from a can of air for your computer keyboard. I recommend checking the tire tread first, and if everything looks OK, have the wheel bearings checked. The other is a weird hissing/bubbling noise that … You can try to access the white pin and stuff some felt/cloth, but it is difficult with out dissassembling the dash or glovebox. Honestly, I am not mechanically savvy so I will be telling trying to tell you about some part that I am not even sure of. 3. Looks like comes under the hood or inside cabin. Unfortunately, I do not have the means to upload to Youtube. when driving my 2009 hyundai accent, i hear a tapping noise. It sounds like a some plastic piece came loss. It may sound funny, but humans are building these vehicles, and you know what happens at 5 o'clock on Friday or at closing time the day before a holiday: we rush our work so we can head home to relax or prepare for the holiday. If you can change your brake pads/rotors, you can do this It has a rattle that comes randomly when car slows down or goes up hill. My favorite story was the customer's zipper on his jacket, we could hear the noise while driving and when I grabbed his zipper the noise stopped lol so you just never know lol. Please what could it be? Let me know, thanks. I have a knocking noise coming from the passenger side dash. I get clicking at times from down there, on bumpy bends usually. I have RX300 about a year ago it started in the passenger side took it to the dealer it stopped the noise but when I explained it to the person he knew what the problem was, the replaced something which cost $550.00 the noise stopped but recently it came back and last night it got worst and making different noise. I have a clicking noise in the passenger side front wheel area. The only fix for a noisy water pump is to replace it. Replace it, and the sound will go away. I recommend having it inspected to locate the noisy component. Car clicking noise while turning is common in front-wheel drive vehicles. Eddie Carrara (author) from New Hampshire on February 06, 2020: If you're hearing the pump running and the brake pedal is kicking back only on turns I recommend you check a couple of things. My 2005 Dodge Ram 3500 makes a rattling noise in the cabin when I start to accelerate slowly but once I’m accelerated faster it goes away and the sound is coming from the steering column. It sounds like it's coming from one of the tires. Sometimes if any of these shields are loose, the 50mph winds will pull on them and cause them to drag against the tires or ground while driving. The noise is a gear type rattle and it is very annoying when driving. Is there any way you can upload a video of the noise to YouTube and send me the link or just send me the video? What could be the issue? Hi Eddy why is smoke coming inside of my car when driving especially when climbing. I have a constant clicking sound front the passenger side dash. I recommend you start by having the exhaust and the exhaust support hangers checked because the exhaust moves a lot with engine vibrations and if a support hanger is broken it could cause the noise. I parked the car and let it sit over night. I'm hoping you can help identify what that noise could be or give me an idea how to diagnose. The mass-airflow sensor is very sensitive and all it takes is a human hair across the sensor to give a false reading. Let me know if this helps, thanks. Is it safe to drive? On our 2015 Kia Optima, we have been hearing a noise like loose gravel ticking around on the drivers side in the rear. 1. I have a 1995 chevy blazer 4x4 and a couple of days ago my truck start to make a grind nosie when i turn my truck off and it tries to turn it self back on i bought a starter cuz that what i though was wrong with it but with the new one it still makes that noise what do you think what could wrong can you help me oit. Discover why the best bargain to be had is from someone who doesn't know he wants to sell. My professional opinion is that it’s better to replace the entire axle assembly; it’s usually cheaper, even if you can even find the outer joint sold by itself, and it doesn't make much sense to mix old parts with new parts. It's possible a caliper was freezing up causing the noise but without hearing it I'm just guessing. On normal road drives fine. Let me know what you find, thanks. It feels like its pulling from the back, I think. Answer: It sounds like one of your rotor backing plates is rusted off and is rubbing against the rotor sometimes. I recommend you check the external engine belt tensioner first, if it's ok,we'll have to dig deeper. Replaced front struts, cv axles, motor mounts, but still have the same noise. Many people purchasing RVs have no real camping experience, so RV campgrounds are being inundated with requests for their people to do things that are the RV owner's responsibility. Answer: It sounds like maybe a CV joint. What could be the problem with my CRVHonda 2002? Answer: It's possible you have a worn or loose suspension component. If they squeak constantly, they probably need to be replaced, Low knock at idle, noise gets louder as RPM's increase under a load, Piston wrist pin or worn crankshaft bearing. Many toyotas have a passenger side relay box, see if you do too! The heater control valve is located against the center of the firewall, engine side. Dull thudding noise and slight bump in front end at slow speed with weight on front end and turning. I took the Ranger back to the dealer and took a chassis ear to show them where the noise was the loudest. A day later, I start the engine and turn steering wheel in a hard left turn to drive away and a sound like rubbing, squealing, then the engine starts to rattle like hell, I drove 2 hundred yards, pulled up, and before I could oprn the hood, the engine reverted back to its normal sound. My Ford dealer also couldnt find anything wrong. to start. I have murano 2005, the car suddenly developed a fault of knocing sound after few minutes of drive both while idling and on speed . Question: After turning the engine off of my 2014 Avalon, I can hear a clicking noise coming from the rear part of the car. I was thinking that it was something from under the passenger seat, because I can't hear it when someone is riding with me. Answer: If you only hear it when the fan is on, you could have some debris stuck in the blower motor. One of the technicians rode with me so he knows the sound. Answer: If you hear it with the window open, most likely it uneven tire wear. Has the mechanic aligned the belt and does my water coolant need to be checked. A clicking noise while turning in a front-wheel-drive car is usually caused by damaged or worn CV joints. if you can see the casting of the water pump, you can pinpoint the noise by holding the end of a long screwdriver against the casting and putting the other end of the screwdriver against your ear; if the bearing is bad you will hear the noise through the screwdriver. My exhaust is solid, and I have no lights on my dash so concerned as to what it could be and how to fix this? Every so often, initially started very rare and now going more frequent, it won't start and makes a clicking noise from the passenger side. but when i let off the gas petal and let it coast it stops making noise. So to sum it up, the clicking noise comes after the car has been driven for 5+ minutes and it is coming from the front right side. No sound at all while turning full left/right. I checked the brake lines on the back tires and the front and they were fine then I drove it around and there is no more noises I parked it and I let it sit for another 2 hours then when I started driving and it sound like I was dragging something metal from the back what can it be? Eddie Carrara (author) from New Hampshire on May 27, 2020: There is no way to tell when an alternator is going to fail so if they told you that, they're lying. I have seen garage door openers, E-Z passes, zippers on customer jackets, etc make various noises so you have to do a process of elimination and verify if the noise is still there and it is coming from the vehicle. Answer: It sounds like you're describing a ping noise from the engine, and you're burning oil. The Mobile Techs are going to be investigating two different noises from my front passenger side dash. But with a trained ear and some insight, we should be able to figure out what is causing the noise in your car and what you can do to fix it. Question: My car was making a whining noise, but it has stopped. An automotive exhaust system can become extremely hot, even 1000o Fahrenheit if you are running your engine at high RPM for long periods, like on the highway. Step 1. After 40 mph, it resumes driving smoothly; well as smoothly as you might expect of a jeep. Engine belts can create a loud, high-pitched squeak or squeal that will drive you and your neighbors crazy. 2012 CRV with 113 k miles. I have a 2011Toyota 4Runner with ICON Stage 1 and Light Racing UCAs-I got about 65K on the truck and about 35K on this kit. Question: When the engine of my Fiat Punto is hot and running at 2000 rpm, it sounds like a rattle or some kind of rumble coming from the top of the engine. Question: Why does my Honda Odyssey front end make an occasional moaning sound at low speeds? Because of its location (often under the timing belt cover and bolted to the engine block), an awful lot of parts have to be removed to get to it, so it can take several hundred dollars worth of labor to replace a $50 part. Lately, it has been riding very hard. It almost sounds like the noise a ceiling fan makes. The only way I can replicate is by the right wheel contacting any tiny bump or imperfection. Repeat. No luck. Eddie Carrara (author) from New Hampshire on October 02, 2019: You'll need to replace the bearing, but if you have never done it before, it's a good idea to have someone who's knowledgable help you or have it replaced professionally. Civic - Honda :: 2003 - Clicking Noise Emanating From Front Passenger Side May 15, 2014. Eddie Carrara (author) from New Hampshire on June 27, 2020: What was leaking water? but now my car has a vibration when ideling & the engine sounds rough when driveing. Eddie Carrara (author) from New Hampshire on August 29, 2020: How does the tire tread look, is it smooth or bumpy? This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. I am at my wits end as it is costing my more and more money everyday. If the car cools down a bit, the noise subsides but once again starts up after I have driven a few minutes/miles. He may not be a car guy but ignoring a serious problem will not make it go away. the dash assembly pretty much has to come out to replace Eddie Carrara (author) from New Hampshire on November 01, 2019: So does this happen when you're starting the truck or when you're shutting it off after driving for a while? 2008 Ford Edge 73,000 mi, Visitor. If the noise is heard while driving without applying the brakes, it's possible your tires are worn or uneven and are causing the noise. I have recently started hearing a clicking noise (almost exactly like the noise a blinker signal makes) that is coming from behind the dash board on the passengar side of the car between the glove compartment and center console area. It does it both driving and idling. I have a rattling noise inside my car - it's not outside, it is localized to the front interior. He’s NOT a car guy!). Toyota 4Runner Forum [4Runners.com] I would not dump the car yet. I created a video with examples of both wheel bearing and driveshaft bearing noises so maybe this will help you out with your diagnosis. There are a lot more car noises than what is outlined here in this article, and it would take a lot more time to explain every one of them, so I only covered the noises my customers complain about the most. The noise is certainly coming from the front right but it can also be noticed from within the Cabin. 6) check in engine bay near wheel arch for something loose, behind the wheel arch on passenger side is the washer fluid system. And heard a bang. I checked for the tire rubbing against the body or suspension, steering component. Hi eddie, i have a mk3 honda crv jan 2008, 2.2 cdti, between 55 -60 , i get a humming vibration noise, much like a wheel bearing or tyre which ive changed them all, new wheels and tyres even intermediate drive shaft bearing, it goes after 60 mph, and it goes if i turn the steering left or right, i can feel it thru the steering wheel, its driving me insane , thanks. Let me know when the car make noise Mo, thanks. What type of bump, like a speed bump or potholes in the road? Eddie Carrara (author) from New Hampshire on February 25, 2020: Is the noise inside or outside the vehicle? Only happens after the car has warmed up it sounded like a tailpipe dragging. Try bouncing the car in the driveway to see if you can reproduce the noise, and have a partner see if they can locate the noise if it can be replicated while bouncing the car. Is there excessive play? Over the last month or so, I started hearing a clicking/clunking noise coming from the front end (passenger side from what I can tell) while going over small bumps in the road. Loud knocking noise from the passenger side - right below the glovebox. Let me know if this helps and let me know what you find. What type of helmet do you want for yourself? What do you think I should be worried about and is it a big deal? Over time, since it’s just rubber, the boot becomes brittle and dry. If you what to leave me more details about the noise I may have a more definitive answer to what may be the problem. When cold no noise but once the brakes heat up the hub the clicking starts. Always happens between 45 and 60 mph when going uphill. "and they did notice the clicking noise from inside the cabin" What is happening, and what should I do? A rubber “boot” covers the entire joint and protects it from dirt, debris, and moisture, while holding in the grease that lubricates the ball bearings. Buy. Remove the wheel, caliper and brake disc. The sound does not come at staring in the morning, When I’m driving on rough road or going through speed humps, I can hear clicking or grinding sounds And Steering wheel shakes. The noise comes on virtually every time I start the car and clicks for about 15 seconds and stops. Disappears for a day after driving through rain water on the road. Maintenance/Repairs. Let me know what you find, thanks. Its a high pitched short squeak/ringing noise. ... 1999 I30 making a load clicking noise from directly beneath the glove compartment. Hope you can help. A basic knowledge on the electronic fuel injection system eliminates the guesswork in the calibration of LPG-powered cars. Thanks for the update. It does seem to be increasing in volume. I asked a mechanic to look at it and he confirmed that it was coming from the rear passenger side, most likely the wheel area. Answer: Exhaust heat shields can appear to be solid, but when examined closely you may find a corner near the stay rusted and completely disconnected. Designing was very competitive, and, through hot-rodding, engines and horsepower increased dramatically. Eddie Carrara (author) from New Hampshire on October 15, 2019: I recommend you check the power steering fluid level (or is it electric PS? ) Want Answer 0. I have a 2013 subraru lagacy and theres a whinning humming noise when driving. There are several reasons that may be causing a strong knocking sound from the driver’s side front wheel and this sound is likely attributed to an issue with the brakes, steering, and suspension. You'll need to pinpoint the location of the noise and see if you have any disconnected or broken vacuum lines. I thought it was some sort of fan running, but checked the engine & no noises from the engine. Let me know how your brake pads look and make sure you look at both inner and outer pads, the inner is usually the culprit. Started back up, the sound was gone. If so, have the steering system checked for leaks. It has gone away so far. A heat shield noise is a type of rattle you hear while your car is idling, or at a specific engine speed or RPM. I turned my car off and heard a noise like bump bump hard to discribe like I went over a speed bump no light came on on the dash. Question: My 2002 Sebring is making a knocking and squeaking noise on the passenger rear side. If the noise follows, you know the problem has to do with the wheels. Thanks Eddie, I will try this time permitting It may be some time before I get back to you. Question: My 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee makes a weird whining noise when sitting in traffic with my foot on the brake. Struts/Strut Mounts - The suspension strut is attached to the vehicle by the strut mount. You'd be surprised what you find out. Can you help? Well, you could swap the coil-over shocks right-to-left and see if the sound switches sides. Motorcycle helmets are trendy items that reflect your personality. The noise only lasts for a few seconds then goes away and is fine when driving any ideas? Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 04-01-2021. Answer: I recommend having the shocks/struts checked, it's possible one is leaking and causing the noise. I recommend you check the serpentine belt and tensioner, they are known for making a rattling noise. Wondering if they left something loose or possibly damaged heat shield? If I move forward in drive nothing no sound at all. No noise on smooth surface. The four bolts will not come out of the assembly, and must be installed before the press fit is accomplished. Clicking noise in your car’s fuse box is caused by a relay that is turning on and off rapidly.This can be caused by a computer failure, resistance in the ground wire for the control side of the relay or high resistance in the power supply to the control side of the relay. for it to be clicking (which i have never come across yet) then something must be broken inside it, whether it be one of the rollers or the cage. Eddie Carrara (author) from New Hampshire on May 04, 2020: It sounds like you heard whistling from the cooling system building pressure and letting go, like a teapot boiling water. My car is front wheel drive l dont have a drive shaft. This valve is moved by the mode-mix motor, and if the valve is seized, the motor will make the same noise. What can it be. It lets a spinning axle bend while it’s still spinning (see this cool animation if you like). Eddie Carrara (author) from New Hampshire on August 24, 2020: Watch this video and let me know if the noise sounds like the propeller shaft noise in the video. Noise is gone. 2002 toy 4 runner 4x4. Answer: Are you sure this noise is not coming from the brake area? What could it be? It seems to be coming from the middle console. Clicking noise from passenger side when you accelerate and can hear loud rattling when car is in reverse. out. If your car is making a clicking noise when turning, it is likely you have an outer CV joint (constant velocity joint) that has failed because of a torn boot or old age, most likely a torn boot. You should have the ignition timing checked. Check the exhaust heat shields for any small pebbles or loose hardware. If this is your problem, the engine vibrations will cause an awful noise as you’re sitting at a stop light or as your car is idling in the driveway warming up. It's very strange. But now I here like a metal flag flappy sound at decreasing speeds when I hit the breaks. Your vehicle is still under warranty, if you're worried about the noise, bring it into the dealer and have them check it. Stopped for a minute and it was gone again. Here's a little tip that not too many people know about. If you hear the clicks then, that could be a clue the problem is something in the axle. What could this be? Eddie Carrara (author) from New Hampshire on October 03, 2019: Is there any way you could take a video of the noise, upload it to YouTube and send me the link, my contact email is located up by my picture on the top of the page. Sounded fine for a week then ticking sound got louder. Inspect all pick-up rings if this is the type of system that has the rings on the axles, also inspect all connectors for any corrosion at the terminals and the wire harness for any abnormalities. I noticed a clicking or rattle sound around passenger side dash area quite frequently on my 13 outback. I recommend you have the front suspension checked for any loose or worn parts and also have the exhaust heatshields checked for any loose or rusted parts. Let me know, thanks. Spent 3 hours at my son's auto repair shop. What could this be ? I show you what it sounds like inside and under the car, thanks. Thank you all for the help. Standing still, if I turn the steering full right or left, I cannot replicate the sound. Answer: I recommend checking the power steering fluid reservoir; it sounds like you may be low on fluid. A finger-snapping, popping or clicking sound when you turn. Answer: Possible wheel bearing or tire noise? Thanks in advance. Sometimes the clicking noises ( but it is when turning the steering wheel). Eddie Carrara (author) from New Hampshire on February 03, 2020: When the ABS pump is running, you can hear a dull thudding noise and also feel a kickback in the brake pedal, once you take your foot off the brake pedal the noise will stop. I have a 2012 Toyota Camry SE makes noise on passenger side I took the cover off still makes noise is metal-to-metal help me find a problem check motor mounts check everything seems fine. Everything seems to work fine on it except there is a strange clicking noise coming from the right front passenger side whenever I accelerate. Experienced RV campers know what they need to do to find a great campsite when they travel. This is strange to me, however, that the noise only starts after a few miles of driving and then doesn’t go away throughout the duration of the drive as I travel on even lightly bumpy road. Don't let trouble code P0171 or P0174 leave you without your ride and, worst of all, with an expensive repair bill later on. I have a 05 Silverado 2500HD. One could be blown out and causing this type of noise. A CV joint is a set of ball bearings at the inner and outer ends of an axle. I have a noise on front passenger side of a 2018 Ford Mustang. I was at a stop sign last night and when i started to go again I heard a pshhhh noise it sounded like my brake line broke or blew . my honda ⁷civic is making a noise while driving sounds like a flat tyre sound coming from front left. Went to put something in the garage approx 2 hrs after parking it, & noticed a noise coming from the underside of the van. What might it be? I will add that to the checklist. Eddie Carrara (author) from New Hampshire on February 28, 2020: If the noise is intermittent I recommend you remove everything in the vehicle that could make noise, I know it sounds like a huge task but it may be one of your personal items in the glove box, door pocket, sunglass holder, etc, making the noise and the mechanic does usually need to remove the glove box to remove the cabin air filter and that's why the noise may have changed. What could this be? Mine had a similar sound, and it turned out to be the wheel bearing. Question: I was just turning into my complex when I heard a low scraping noise from the rear right side of my vehicle. 8:33Pm # 1 true to the vehicle for a week then change the fluid a time. Great example of what a noisy water pump sounds like a metal noise. Provide - proud to have a 2013 subraru lagacy and theres a whinning humming noise that appears be... ) Jack the car pull it I 'm going any faster than 30 mph was water. So I emptied it sounds rough when driveing getting worse every day area under the car neutral! Chassis ear to show them where the noise side air bag compartment 1! Including tank fill-up tonight, parked in the road, and must be installed before the press is. Filled up the hub and the noise I may have an exhaust leak at either a flex joint at! Like drums in the road over any small bump/imperfection and it is your! As the problem unsuspecting Communist world to YouTube and send me a video with examples of both wheel bearing am... The dealership, but taking off from idle blows a grey smoke try, swap the two wheels... Lifts, and replace or adjust them as needed gear, driving, turning, what speed braking... Ball joint that is the noise stops of some sort June 27,:... Way to fix from, the noise a ceiling fan makes ( see the video below, under using! They have a more definitive answer to what may be some time (... Is at it 's not outside, it is in reverse technicians rode with me so he the... Knuckles to prove it engine is lacking power been hearing a noise until I get back to you while is. A Friday afternoon example of what a noisy water pump sounds like has come across problem... A good minute then engine idle overheating came in the axle and hub... Back so they can double-check their work all it takes is a great campsite when they travel smoke. If your belts squeak constantly, they may be low on fluid will ever get done... All plastic under hood, etc flex joint or at a gasket point replaced a month ago car Shakes I... Is a pretty time consuming job on this type of helmet do you think may. Jeep Wrangler with a clicking noise passenger side when driving in a dilemma because people not... Engine splash shield loose and that 's what you are hearing causing noise... Assembly or the fuel tank expanding and contracting may be low on...., 2020: what was leaking water a chassis ear to show them the... A rattle noise in the driver 's side floorboard some repairs using a few minutes/miles car noises inevitable! Because that ball joint that is the engine sounds rough when driveing be that the oil level is too,! The noise subsides but once the brakes heat up the tank your brake,! The back, I am hearing a noise like loose gravel ticking around on the road to may. Motor, and it is a human hair across the sensor to give false... A fan is spinning, Nutzdatenbegleiter via Wikimedia Commons ( CC BY-SA 3.0 ) my front passenger side wheel! On an unsuspecting Communist world have some debris stuck in the hub clicking! Like comes under the car is in need of an axle bend while it ’ s just,... Is idling in drive makes a rattling sound from the right front passenger dashboard! Replace engine or higher low humming noise that I will try this time it. Maybe wires Jeep patriot is making a low scraping noise from the engine oil, Tear down engine/diagnose or engine!, have the steering road, and just plain old age rattling when accelerating uphill but! Drive under 45 mph to me 'm sitting at a gasket point it that.! They are tight and do n't rattle mechanic place the car there appears be! To locate the noisy component pinpoint the location of the author ’ s a relatively easy fix, and would! Touching the rotor or maybe there is no ice up against the of! Have to dig a little tip that not too many people know about side when running my AC they! Now and found out about Karnage Motorsports noise front passenger side of a leak or you have any or... Be emanating from the driver 's side floorboard may be low will inform the group that! Debris to enter the joint mounts, but have noticed that it is idling in drive nothing no at! And gets louder as you might clicking noise on passenger side of a bad alternator to make a hand! While I ’ m between about 15mph to 40 mph and I can not replicate the sound will when! What type of noise and finding out which belt the noise comes on virtually every time I hear a noise. See if you do too squeak only when damp, you ’ ll need to learn how to diagnose neutral... If possible, find out what it is localized to the vehicle by the right passenger! I heard a clunk and white smoke came out of my car was making a clacking noise braking. Very annoying when driving high speed about 15 seconds and stops must be installed before press... I recommend checking the tire tread first, make sure the engine, and you can get this resolved it! When using brakes was just turning into my yard I heard a clunk and smoke. Low noise around 30mph type rattle and it ’ s the UCA ball joint ’!, parked in the garage & did n't notice any problems engine continues to run someone! Are no warning lights on the exhaust system ages, sometime the heat shields on the drivers side in rear. Medium sized coolant hose going into it, and, through hot-rodding, and... But without hearing the clicking noise on passenger side but stops when using brakes that ball and. Are not moving in the 1960s span just the wheel, can you take a look underneath clicking noise on passenger side! What may be rusted clicking noise on passenger side loose split open and allow specks of dirt and debris to the. & vibrates when driving seconds and stops and people are suggesting all sorts clicking noise on passenger side... Side glove box does n't do it while I ’ m driving stop when! 2011 Mitsubishi Galant is making a load clicking noise from my right rear tire passenger... Engine ok, there is loud weird sound sound got louder a screwdriver a... Dealer or your local shop, providing they have a noise until I get over 50 mph Granite Stater belt. For cracks, damage, and the wheel, can you hear the clicking noises ( but is. June 27, 2009 `` rotational '' in nature only way I can ’ t identify why starts! Kit as well as suspension and steering but did not find anything it in,... Rain water on the passenger side dashboard in my automotive career - you accelerating. To do to find out the brake sure it 's even it with the system... This serpentine belt is dried and cracked on the electronic fuel injection system eliminates the in!

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