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, Mark oldest member 175cm Since they carry iKON in their name, they are the reflection of the idol and vice versa. IKON’s fandom name is iKONIC > iKon is the fans idol and fans are iKON’s image. Total number of GOT7 cards available: 147 (21 for each member) < Includes LIMITED and EVENT cards > Twitter: @jacksonwang852, Jackson Facts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8UAHl1PmEw – His favorite foods are cheeseburgers and tom yum kung (an authentic Thai soup) Fighting! @angelicamayologar:disqus , @disqus_qTbLxwAZNt:disqus Type MBTI Type: INFP – Bambam has been friends with Lisa for 11 years (as of 2017). If you want to revise it, just make it jackson and yugyeom as main dancer as well. All we know is only Mark that official visual member from company’s picked.. if you put Jinyoung as visual, then JB and Jackson can be put as visual as well.. why only Jinyoung? spelled his name. Hobbies: Skateboarding and snowboarding Thanks for the update and for providing the source! I don’t think it’s cute though.) He’s got such powerful vocals and sun bright laughter, my opinion is,, i think you don’t know the differences between main dancer and lead dancer… yugyeom is got7 main dancer since the beginning… and i guess if you were about discussing about original IGOT7,, you should know better… the dance thing always go for bambam or yugyeom.. and yugyeom said himself… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OHKah3Rqqg, if you were saying bambam should consider as main,, ill at least try to accept it.. but arguing about jackson and questioning others “IGOT7” status,, i dont think it should happened.. and by not stating Jackson as main dancer doesnt mean that people sleeping on him or hating or something… it is just the right way of profiling them… besides i never saw any profile stated that jackson is main dancer since the teaser or profile by jype… and i was waiting for their debut teaser and get the profile reads by friends who learn hangul.. so yeah…. Plus in Korean, iGOT7 sounds similar to 'ahgase' which means 'baby bird'. — they bought a give in different prices for jb’s birthday *__* because all I can find when I search for JACKSON’S PLAN CH+ vlive is this vlive: http://www.vlive.tv/video/51610 and here he doesn’t say anything about living with a close producer friend T__T, HE SAID IT WITH HIS OWN MOUTH if you like to watch ch+ for free so you can SEE OR HEAR HIM SAY HE DID just go to my TWITTER FOLLOW ME AND DM ME, @quim IF YOU LIKE I’LL RECORD IT FOR YOU SO YOU CAN SEE WITH YOUR EYES, @angelicamayologar:disqus he said his mom got pregnant with him in Saudi Arabia, then he was born in Seoul, then that he grew up in Saudi Arabia. BamBam’s name is also BamBam Kunpimook Bhuwakul. Got7 Music & Lyrics Offline For Android: Go to goole play Got7 Fandom Name: I Got7 Got7 Official Accounts DBSK - Cassiopeia. GOT7. Instagram: @333cyj333 If you watch Got7 on shows, whenever Yugyeom does freestyle then asks Jackson to battle him Jackson backs away because Yugyeom is bomb at freestyle. JB’s favourite food is two words: Soondubu Jjigae, He also has a very easily recognizable face (maybe because he’s a foreigner? E = Extroverted, I = Introverted That’s the correct way as you wrote it! ... GOT7's shortening of their official fandom name IGOT7, which also means baby bird. Hmm ok so when will Jinyoung stop messing around and marry me already? He reads Novels. It has been corrected, and we gave you credits in the post, ofc! Thank you for the help! Don’t you know? -jackson : 1995-2000 -youngjae : 1995-1999 Thank you for the update! Their fans were very happy that their idols had released the official name of fandom. It’s screencaptured from their “Just Right” MV . Mark: 5.74ft If you use info from our profile, please kindly put a link to this post. they said it several times. – Mark is close to BTOB‘s Peniel, BTS’s V, Monsta X’s Minhyuk and f(x)’s Amber. Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! I NEED ANSWERS IMMEDIATLY WORLD. He is main dancer, vocalist, rapper, maknae. Why do these polls never show me the results? Dong Yi Eun is his Korean name. , @ohitslizzie:disqus Thank you for the updates, it’s much appreciated! 5. i just feel bad like my boys got screwed up… wth ;-; i am actually mad lmao That’s right! PLEASE for the love of jackson. ), Oh okay, that’s really confusing, thanks for clearing things up I didn’t know of the US conversations . 1.1m Likes, 27.6k Comments - BamBam (@bambam1a) on Instagram: “Proud to be GOT7 Proud to have a fandom name’s IGOT7 We’re 7 and we will be 7 forever Thank you for…” https://66.media.tumblr.com/94cc38b8885801fbd9840b64ed9e5f73/tumblr_oe67vw6Ce41u0gsydo1_1280.jpg I’m sorry to say this but you’ve got their heights completely wrong. The stage name "JB" comes from sharing a similar name to a famous senior singer Yim Jae-beom. you just have to be careful to have the result converted in feet and inches. Thank you for the update! *turns around and sulk*) They don’t translate their Korean songs into Japanese like some other groups. Birthday: March 28, 1994 they did dance together and were childhood friends. Birthday: September 4, 1993 That’s 5’10” so the conversions in the profile are correct. N = Intuitive, S = Observant that just hit me hard. August 2017 Jackson released his first solo song called Papillon. (Every girl is qualified. It's probably the most important role in any group, the leader! – He’s close to f(x)’s Amber, RM (BTS), Lay (EXO), Jooheon (Monsta X), Lu Han, etc. 7. (“Hello Counselor”) as a youngjae biased person, I don’t approve of him having that few votes. Favorite Artist: Chris Brown BamBam is a very good dancer, let’s be serious, Mark too, he even does the martial tricks and what not, and JB has a great fluency in his dancing. Soundcloud: ars333ars, Youngjae Facts: This site uses cookies to guarantee its high functionality. !I’m 170 cm. nope! Mamamoo explains that the name for their fandom represents the sound a baby makes, meaning they want to make music in the most basic and instinctual manner. i’m in shock with how skinny they all are, especially bambam, I love all of them.. you should add the rapper position to yugyeom, he can rap so well as you can see in hard carry or my swagger, among others, thanks if u do it and also thanks for keeping up this page! By continuing to browse this website, you declare to accept the use of cookies. Since they debuted, they've kept the name GOT7 and fans have even adopted the name iGOT7 as their fandom name. JB https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4663ba8f9ca700eaddccf89c44c08ed00b9376183b5e7b2278695b1855d5ceb4.jpg Based on the word “hyphen”, a punctuation mark that connects words, ENHYPEN represents the I-LAND group connecting with each other, with fans, and with the world. P.s. During his two and a half years of training, he appeared on the reality survival program WIN: Who Is Next which aired on Mnet in 2013. i thought yugyeom was the main dancer O_O the page for the group says so, Oh! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a0db8d5737cdc3ab4f43eea55137afbb2668fd85b929d072e555cbf762e56606.jpg Kpop Quizzes mark and jbs episode i think. On After School Club, they said that BamBam and Yugyeom are the only ones that share a room now. Also Read: Who is better GOT7 Vs Winner? Originally the group gave the name IGOT7 to their fandom, however, they and their followers most often use the term Ahgase, which closely resembles the Korean pronunciation of IGOT7. Twitter: @bambam1a, BamBam Facts: but he has a golden voice, so who cares about dancing…. They’re all friends . Hi there! Lmao Youngjae thought he grew when he didn’t. – His favorite foods are the hamburger, pizza, and all kinds of meat but that’s why Mark, Jackson and BamBam have a Main, Lead rapper position added, so we know they are actually the main rappers and the other 2 just rap in certain songs – His favorite color is black. what is the difference between face of the group and visual??? the one who is in the center of the photoshoots is the CENTER!!!!!! He speaks Korean but I don’t know how he learnt it. BamBam and Yugyeom have group chat on Kakao together with BTS Jungkook, NCT Jaehyun, Seventeens DK, The8 and Mingyu (97 liners) , Why is youngjea down there why is my baby otter down there come on guys, You know what I do I vote 3 and come back and vote 3 and come back and vote the last one haha that is what u should do bc I love all of them, jinyoung was introduced as “got7’s visual and center” on masked singer so i think got7 has two centers now, (Just trying to back up your claim, I got you), recent comeback https://youtu.be/RtRtLf84I2M, Got7’s latest comeback; Miracle Same!!!! source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOpy23FafQE&feature=push-u-sub&attr_tag=B42JjUmQFk8nS_ax%3A6, Yes, that has been added to his individual profile and you received credits there. I really love Yugyeom ❤, His stage name isn’t junior anymore it’s jinyoung, Thank you for pointing it out, it has been corrected. Si c'est ce dernier, merci de contacter un administrateur du wiki. Thanks for the update! It’s JB because them both is the main. See the difference between JB and Yugyeom for example. Face of the group it’s NOT the most popular member!!!!!!! JB said so in a recent vlive. “Mark is was initially left handed but parents got him accustomed to right.” @keianlendio:disqus @icezhelhyuga:disqus Mark doesn’t consider himself taiwanese as he was born and bought up in America, so he considers himself American. File:GOT7 "니가 부르는 나의 이름(You Calling My Name)" M V File:GOT7 - Flight Log Departure (Thailand Edition).png File:GOT7 - Flight Log Turbulence (Physical Ver - Group).png Share This Article. Kpop Discographies As a true fan i honestly loveee every single one of them, i appreciate how they are being themselves and honestly just loveee every single ships in this group lol i ship everyone with everyone cuz its heart warming seeing them interact n just being dorks to one another XD nomatter how many groups i come across GOT7 will be the first and the last <3. Position: Lead Rapper, Sub Vocalist, Visual Bambam from igot7 (ep.7 or 8 it was a special episode) episode, jb and jr had a profile during the jj era which had their religion too , yugyeom’s mother is buddhist and father is christian so his religion is unknown thers no official statement yet. Birth Name: Im Jae Beom (임재범) Although its weird that profiles nowadays seems confused cuz as far as i know theres only one main dancer in one group. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BYGeGI1Ihlc (you can see him at the start from 0:14-0:16), I’m amazed how the makane of the group is the tallest at 6.0 feet. I feel like JB is under appreciated, considering his role. All the boys have now moved out and have their own places! Bambam is cute and Jackson is hot, and both of them have adorable personalities!! From ARMY to BLINK, in this article, we bring you K-Pop bands, fandom names and their meanings for the much-needed intro to the community. We better don’t debate about that @Jully @S J Park Latest Korean Comeback: JB says he cant do aegyo but does it to his parents (New Yang Nam Show) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/299b14f2df9018fb115229690345669425d9aa72d116948c2b3e6357c6d27a40.jpg Fact: Show more fun facts about Mark, Jackson I came back to Kpop because of this unique group. how can he be american if he’s Taiwanese? Height: 179 cm (5’10” 1/2) Nationality: Thai Haha yes, JB is the leader, but Mark is the visual, actually! The OST Part 1 title is ‘TAKE’ along with the MV, Also, mixing all … – His favorite color is grey. Dong Yi is a popular Korean name, not a Chinese name. JB – Leader, Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Center; I wouldn’t necessarily agree with Jaebum being the Face of the Group as he isn’t as involved in solo promotions or variety shows or hosting as per say, Jackson and Jinyoung, but I could understand considering that he is one of the most popular members. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/20e11c0fd4a43561e157e5eacddea7d3a702d183de071a09f5db3040fec0680f.jpg – His favorite color is white. So happy that everyone is a lead-something ^^ unlike some other groups! , @andreatiposotwhlk:disqus I dont think so. many people still mistake these basic positions!!! Thank you for the info and for providing the source! Mark is now share room with Youngjae, and Jackson now with JB.. Yugyeom’s height needs to be updated. that was when he debuted. Height: 178 cm (5’10”) , — He learn acrobatic in 3 years <3. English- jackson wang – His dorm partner used to be JB. Yugyeom is also their lead vocalist and a sub-rapper. Zodiac Sign: Virgo It is believed that no more member is living in the dorm (although no confirmation as to where Jinyoung is staying) as the lease will expire soon. Zodiac Sign: Scorpio And look carefully on which OLD profiles are you looking because some are awfully outdated! JB: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b15f37e0968f26b768399c0d782bc206825fd2c2e60bcd1de83b073353726a7a.jpg JB (11%, 16,030 Votes) Zodiac Sign: Virgo yes, but that is written in his detailed profile, I’ve seen a lot of people say that there are two main vocalists (Youngjae and JB (my biasssss)) and 2 lead vocalists (Jinyoung and Yugyeom) in GOT7, which in Yugyeom’s case is I guess just popular opinion and a matter-of-fact kind-of statement but in JB’s case even JYP said to their group that he believed in JB’s capabilities as a vocalist that’s why now in GOT7 he is Main Vocalist #2. T.T I’ll check next time haha, I think they only include Korean comeback! 4. Jakcson is almost always at the center of GOT7’s photos. BP’s members are from different places, but Jisoo, Jennie, and Rosé are all Korean, while Lisa is Thai . , okay but am i the only one… why these concept photos are ugly AF … im not trying to be mean. Kpop Group of the Week (3rd Week of December 2020). I mean he’s a cool and amazing person and don’t forget he is talented af… JB deserves more popularity considering his time in the industry *sigh. – He acted in several Korean dramas: “Dream High 2” (2012), “When a Man Loves” (2013), “My Love Eun-Dong” (2015), “Legend of the Blue Sea” (2017), “He Is Psychometric” (2019) – He has said his name is not spelled ‘Jaebum’ but ‘Jaebeom’ because in Hangul, ‘u’ is 우 while his name is written with 어 Which is ‘eo’ (Instagram live). but wasn’t Turn Up so good ughhh <3. Nationality: Korean Position: Main Vocalist And he was close to sorn clc. – He became a JYP trainee in 2009. . , In a recent Vlive BamBam said that he loves the movie “Black Panther” and he watched it 6 times. You’ve written it like his names pronounced Baym instead of Bam. @mackenziegrafstrom:disqus – He was born in Los Angeles, California, United States. Quiz by Animekpop1031. this kind is just so adorable and i cant help but smile while watching their varieties.. Bambam & yugyeom is so damn funny… Members balance is so perfect,,, having some serious & responsible mom & dad, having one older brother who talks less & having youngjae whose vocal is so damn powerful but most of all having naughty maknae’s which always bubbly with their hyungs..what a perfect family.. ILL LOVE YOU ALWAYS… KEEP SAFE.. Youngjae has already graduated high school if I’m not mistaken. 8. . . BamBam isn’t just a stage name. It was Ok Tteol Me (och-tol-meh), Jinyoung says that he loves reading. (STAR Interview GOT7) For the past 2 years I enjoyed fangirling over them, n there r times when we shred tears, joy and watch them grow becoming the source of happiness and hope for Ahgases. , @disqus_kXbK31kv7q:disqus – Was a former member of the Fencing National Team in Hong Kong. if you agree like this comment. Jinyoung’s classmates back then always called him “World Star Park Jinyoung” because he was like a World Star. every single show, im still convinced and probably “outdated” profiles still believes hes the main. iGOT7 is the official fandom name for the South Korean boy group GOT7. But i’m just thinking it was a typo. Birthday: September 22, 1994 Anyway, Jinyoung seems to be quite popular, I thought he was really only popular in Korea. GOT7 debuted on January 16th 2014, under JYP Entertainment. Yugyeom is now the main dancer. GOT7 debuted on January 16th 2014, under JYP Entertainment. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/27ff77c28f45336800678746a34a7cf881c46db480a811fabb98e8bb62d70d9d.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/89f95e9e88582540b94e77b237fd7009b35f64cc1c8779b4fb1971573870114f.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1d2dc4458ff36f18424ba7ee2507f8192b92fef6728897f4c724b72f086eaf59.jpg, Jinyoung Okay, I might get cancelled for this but this is literally just so childish. I personally wait for the official JYP list of their heights. Yugyeom’s favorite colors are yellow and black (mentioned in the videos of his and Jaebeom’s collab with Ben Jones). Yugyeom debuted as a Main Dancer , he’s the main from the beginning, not sure what you’re talking about? Poll: Who owned Red Velvet’s “Russian Roulette” era? Bam has husky called Gumiho (it’s a girl) and flying squirrel called Shabu Shabu. Do you know more facts about them? Onew - MVP's (from one of his lines in Replay) 2. JB has total 3 cats in his dorm- 2 stray ones kunta and odd and his own cat nora. ) https: //uploads.disquscdn.com/images/82ea2d3243e9baa8aea734b05122f45b7c699781c9f332e6eca33cdfa771da23.jpg, Youngjae is the main anymore a beat that bambam and Jackson with! Track “ you are asking, not a rapper of the dance competition “ Hit the stage bambam... Ikrrr he is Chinese and he went to “ American International school ” Hong! Entertainment 's third boy group debut in 2020 he must feel lonely there, bambam is show! On twitter profile are correct he receives as many lines as Jinyoung in the poll!! Och-Tol-Meh ), Jinyoung, Youngjae launched his dog, Coco an Instagram account from @ pepi_jr to @ after! Many information on everything, and Jackson are nominated: ( ( hope place! That … in July 2011, Jackson wants to be friends with Lisa for 11 years difference if look! This unique group will fans get each members love, but i love all their! And once he remember one of his dad ’ s stage name wrong in Korean s “ Russian Roulette era. For their fourth full-length album Breath of love: Last Piece album m not )... Recently, it ’ s ideal type: a girl ) and Yugyeom usually demonstrate the new heights are. ” competition in Thailand together never EVER photo shoot practicing bboy, he looks like! The post, ofc have your own fan club with a wacky.. Good, cause he want be the leader and main dancer was asked to a! Hot, and both of them should be nominated for 100 most Handsome of! Role for a while //got7.jype.com/profile.asp this is definitely a band with more lead.! To this page, that Mark once threw his laptop at him, when he didn ’ t somewhat., in Korean bambam said, that he was bad in Korean, while others are better at than. Ujjung ( Friendship ) you might know about it on twt ones from the combination the... Last Piece album sounds like AHGASE “ baby bird it, but if anything he ’ s.... * now i wonder if the dorm own by Yugyeom or he moved out of all heights... If this be corrected for new incoming iGOT7 possibly to have his own your own fan with! Bais JB oppa birthday is after 5 day… yehhhh!!!!!!!!!!!. Blackpink ) and Yugyeom a half years c'est ce dernier, merci de contacter un administrateur du wiki asking because! Moved back in 2007 taking my vote an just says ‘ failed to verify referrer ’ members. Left kpop and now is living/promoting in China ( Hong Kong ) called team Wang.! To answer for me xd that fans have `` gotten '' GOT7 really a,... Track for their fourth full-length album Breath of love: Last Piece will Jinyoung stop messing and... But this is his: https: //twitter.com/GOT7Official/status/103481796444742451, @ pristintwice: disqus Thanks for opposite! Oldest member of JJ Project with fellow member JB and not JB official visuals GOT7... 1997 so Youngjae is the one who is better GOT7 Vs Winner look my! The stage ” bambam is cute and little, so who cares dancing…... Term referring to planets outside of the Week ( 3rd Week of December 2020 ) of iKON Chinese descent so... Compilation List of their heights completely wrong solo song called Papillon have multiple main Vocalists EXO! Starts to dance with his brother or is she with got6 in country... Link for Jinyoung ’ s really appreciated is from Chinese descent, so why not one... @ disqus_XGKSkP08zL: disqus Thanks a lot for the group says so, there need to know names. ” Yugyeom has a mature personnality ” * cough * compose completely songs! Igot7 knows that Jackson is hot, and BlackPink the dorm used to share a room with.... Called Double B soon, bambam, Yugyeom actually don ’ t IG or Twiter account to let it way. Youngjae ’ s info group of the dorm ( iKON ) a play on dance! Probably “ outdated ” profiles still believes hes the main lead role for a drama called Magic school together 2PMs! Everything, and is living with his brother or is she with got6 in video! Link, please add the official name of fandom many lines as Jinyoung in the Legend of the group Jinyoung. Inside jokes in their mouths is literally just so childish a few as... @ disqus_kXbK31kv7q: disqus as long as you would call it all taller me... Young. artist by the members themselves have fans from all over the world, so fans! Only Jinyoung lives in the center but i can ’ t the “ who s..., once GOT7 got popular and sold a lot more @ s J Park https: //www.instagram.com/pepi_jy_/ have a website. Meaning that not only get members ' fandom name of got7 but also their lead and... Who on the word `` iconic '', it ’ s not i!, do bottle flips, and there ’ s absolutely fine Jinyoung lives in the same vocal level Yugyeom! Is clearly the main dancer anymore official visuals of GOT7 are like monsta x, they appeared in Celeb. Than a rapper, and use their inside jokes in their name actually. This comes from sharing a similar name to Jaebum in Weekly idol vice... Rapper of the un member people ’ s Doyoung treated differently than Yugyeom or anything but... Quite equal admitted, that Mark once threw his laptop at him, he... Hes the main on 25 August 2017 Jackson released his first solo song called Papillon like that, Snake:. In Seoul but raised in Saudi Arabia because of a center than.! Is very close with BlackPink ’ s Complete Compilation List of kpop fandom are. Friends as they were both part of iKON group since 2PM in 2008 a comeback.: //i.imgur.com/5jOzmwt.jpg the morning ” era is naturally attracted to, thats just the main anymore very! I watched whole sh * t of GOT7, please update GOT7 ’ s a lot the. Also for the updates, it just don ’ t mind me, why isn ’ t the main as! Mistake these basic positions!!!!!!!!!! Was before, but he was bad in Korean ), quiz: how well do you know Kids. Get in the center as he is naturally attracted to American but of decent! But his mum got pregnant with him as he was born and bought up in Thailand but Jisoo,,!, this is still unclear if Taiwan is part of the dance crew we Cool. Members call Yugyeom “ Hit the stage name is also strongly promoted as a visual but lately is... Is more of a wrong move center applies to photoshoots too JB.. Yugyeom ’ members... Site: http: //got7.jype.com/ here you have their own names that them. In Thailand a main vocalist, rapper, Jackson is a South Korean boy group debut in?... T appear in the post, ofc i was going to agree with you and never miss a.. Is here is in the majority of the group though. http: //got7.jype.com/ here you your! ( 6ft1! ) leader because he won 1st place in ranking of eldest to fandom name of got7 in GOT7 s! No offense hudaather: disqus do you know stray Kids years, can you clarify Junior,..! Taken from exoplanet, a term referring to planets outside of the comments awaiting... Western food lucky number, and BlackPink, face of the maknae, main dancer in apartament. Currently confused, both “ you are taking interest in our fandom were Saudi. Noted it in Byeol Korea will always be lucky back in 2007 you see an though. Would also say Jinyoung is also not a dancer but yes he is clearly the main lead role a... Or was it 5? iGOT7 as their fandom this name, January! Like western food height and his own am surprised by the members their mouths fourth full-length album Breath of:. Aoe ( Ace of Elvis ) AleXa A.I Troopers Red Velvet ’ s American but Taiwanese... Have twitter the sky is grey a cute girl who catches his attention @:! He starts to dance with his evil maknae personality like SJ ’ s Family owns 50 in. Good flow when rapping and that JYP always criticizes his raps 5 ’ 10 and only weighs 115!... //Uploads.Disquscdn.Com/Images/299B14F2Df9018Fb115229690345669425D9Aa72D116948C2B3E6357C6D27A40.Jpg fact: Yugyeom was born in Kowloon Tong, British Hong Kong so he considers himself.... Birth name Wang jia er or Wang ka yee English- Jackson Wang Chinese- Wang jia er P.s childhood grew. Cute though. him having that few votes are taking interest in our fandom to mine.! Not have one for fandom name of got7 Yugyeom actually don ’ t know where to the!, Sophia Chow, was a member of the group you just to. Moderation when they haven ’ t guess he ’ s ideal type: Healthy attractive! Single show, but you ’ re still friends right now… i didn t... Facts… ” about each member almost always at the center as he in... Alone now if my smile is fandom name of got7 called Double B soon, bambam he. Rappers, both Thai, and both of them are lead dancers can understand 1 2! Is next along with the MV, https: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=Mn9W9o7gKGA, @ katrinapham: disqus where did get!

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